Footwear Country Website

Footwear Country Website

Front End Mock-ups
  • Client: Pixie Media

  • Software Used InDesign, Photoshop

I was commissioned to create front end mock-ups for Footwear Country's new, responsive Magento website.

Having only their logo as a starting point, I had to come up with a new look for the company as well as redesign their website in line with current trends.

Working mostly in InDesign, I created mock-ups of the new site in desktop, tablet and mobile versions. These mock-ups were then used as a blueprint by the Magento developer to build the new site.

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The new design features mega-menu style navigation, showing the categories and top selling brands.

The mega-menu becomes much simpler on mobile versions, displaying only the text links.

Product Grid

The product grid features a quick view option when hovering over a product as well as the brand name and reviews.

Graphic Design